Mobility tracks and degrees

The graduate programme grants 120 ECTS, with a training delivered over four semesters.

The mobility scheme is organised to provide the student with the maximum flexibility in his decision-making process. For this, we offer two professional tracks (specialisations) covering the two years of the Master programme.

Following the first semester, students need to define their career plan and their mobility scheme: (1) Sport industry and (2) Leisure, Sport and Event management. Each track has a sub-programme dedicated to digitalisation, fitting with the labour market needs and future employment trends. The two tracks were elaborated in accordance with the academic specialisation of each university and the link of each partner with the professional environment.

Joint events including a summer school and an integration week

At the beginning of the Master programme, all students will be welcomed in one University (Lille in 2022) and participate to a joint one-week event including a summer school, inspiring conferences/visits and social/cultural events. During this joint one-week event, all students and teachers will have direct opportunities to meet each other, creating links from the very beginning.

Special events will be organised in order to promote interactions between students, professors, invited scholars and lecturers from industry, specially invited to provide courses/lectures in their expertise domains. These events will be perfect opportunities for students to start building their network.

A unique professionally oriented Master programme

All students will spend their first semester at the University of Lille with a common track. The courses will cover technical aspects of sports management, finance and methods, within an economic and legal perspective frame. The knowledge-transfer process will develop the necessary skills of the attendants for a successful career in the international sports administration sector

The second semester gives the student the opportunity gives the students the opportunity to get pre-orientation between the two professional profiles: (1) Sport Industry and (2) Leisure, Sports and Events Management.

The third semester allows students to specialise in the fields they chose in the first year.

During this semester, students choose either an experience in a sports organisation (internship) or research activities in a laboratory. At the end of the semester, they defend their internship report or master thesis.

Students earn 120 ECTS credits in total and the successful defence of a Master’s thesis or internship report (if this is a requirement of the supervising partner) may qualify them for the award of the joint Master degree. The defence is meant to take place during the Summer School and will be conducted under the rules of the supervising university.

The curriculum in each track is offered by a Partner university with the best expertise in the field of the track.

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